Advanced IT Support for Clinical Trials - First CRI Solutions Day

July 14, 2014

May 26-27, 2014 at Heinrich-Heine University, Düsseldorf, Germany

Discussion between p-medicine and BioMedBridges

Breakout Session 2

On May 26-27, 2014, p-medicine partner UDUS hosted, for the first time, the Clinical Research Infrastructures (CRI) Solutions Day. The event brought together a large number of representatives from ESFRI infrastructures and EU projects to inform the community about new clinical research tools developed by these initiatives and to foster the institutions’ cooperation with regard to the exchange of information and joint tool usage. A main focus was on the projects TRANSFoRm (Brendan Delaney, King’s College), p-medicine (Norbert Graf, Saarland University), EHR4CR (Brecht Claerhout, Custodix), ECRIN-IA (Jacques Demotes, ECRIN), as well as BioMedBridges (Stefanie Suhr, BioMedBridges) which were presented after an introductory speech by Prof. Christian Ohmann  (KKS Düsseldorf/UDUS) on the current developments in clinical trials and translational medicine. Prof. Norbert Graf (Saarland University and coordinator of p-medicine) gave a keynote speech about IT challenges for innovative clinical trials with the focus on challenges in data integration.

In separate hands-on sessions different tools were demonstrated. In particular:

  • for clinical data management (OpenClinica, ObTiMA, VISTA, functional eCRF, mobile eHealth solution),
  • for bridging experimental and clinical research data (tranSMART, Molgenis, i2b2),
  • for the integration of EHR and care data in clinical trials (Query Workbench, Patient Recruitment Service, Feasibility service, Patient Screening tool, Recruitment and Feasibility tools),
  • for imaging (XNAT imaging pipeline, DoctorEye), for biobanking (p-BioSPRE, Biobanking Catalogue, BBMRI Catalogue), and
  • for clinical research support (Clinical Trial Information Mediator, Pathology Reviewer, PASTEL).

Further information:
Contact: Wolfgang Kuchinke; Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf