CCCF-SIOPE-ENCCA-ITCC 3rd Paediatric Oncology Conference, February 5-6, 2015, Vienna Austria

December 08, 2014

Together with SIOPE, ENCCA and ITCC, the CDDF (Cancer Drug Development Forum), previously known as BDA (Biotherapy Development Association), is organising the 2015 edition of the high-level Paediatric Oncology Conference ‘Prioritisation in Paediatric Oncology Drug Development’. This is the third meeting of an ongoing series of biennial conferences aiming at promoting progress in the field of paediatric oncology drug development through input from all concerned stakeholders: regulatory bodies, academia, the pharmaceutical industry, parents and policymakers.

The CDDF Paediatric Platform was created after the 2013 conference to intensify cooperation between all stakeholders and to make proposals that will address identified bottlenecks

The main goal of the conference is:

  • To define how to prioritize oncology drugs for their development in children and adolescents in order to increase and speed up access to innovative therapies for all patients
  • To increase the likelihood of developing effective treatments
  • To improve efficiency of development plans

For more information, visit the CDDF website.