Clinical Trial Data Sharing: Methods and Experiences with De-Identification, May 29, 2015, Paris, France

April 30, 2015

Single Day Event organized by PhUSE - Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange

On May 29, 2015, PhUSE, the Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange, will hold a Single Day Event (SDE) on the subject of “Clinical Trial Data Sharing: Methods and Experiences with De-Identification” in Paris, France. 

Multiple standards and guidelines have recently been developed describing technical methods, rules and processes for the De-Identification of clinical trials data. In principle, these are important because they ensure that current best practices for used to protect participant privacy and that sponsors use a consistent set of approaches. However, different approaches are emerging in practice. In this SDE we will review these standards and guidelines, examine how they have been implemented by sponsors and have a conversation with data protection regulators in the EU about what are acceptable standards and practices. This unique event combines technical approaches with policy discussions and legal considerations when sharing clinical   trials data.

This is a meeting open not only to PhUSE members but also to anybody interested for a fee of 60 GBP.

For further information, please visit the PhUSE website.