Making Access to Personalised Medicine a Reality for Patients

June 09, 2015

High-Level Conference, Luxembourg, July 8, 2015

Under the upcoming Luxembourg EU Presidency, a High-Level Conference on “Making Access to Personalised Medicine a Reality for Patients” will be held in Luxembourg on July 8, 2015. USAAR, coordinator of the p-medicine project, has accepted the invitation to contribute to this conference.

The Luxembourgish Presidency has made Personalised Medicine one of its health policy presidency priorities. By taking stock of where we are in Europe in terms of access to personalised medicine, acknowledging challenges need to be overcome. By highlighting opportunities to accelerate progress, the scene for further action can be set. In this regard incentives on national and EU-level as well as cooperation between Member States are vital to make early access to Personalized Medicine a reality for patients throughout Europe.

It is necessary to formulate a patient centered strategy involving EU decision makers and regulators in the arena of public health, to enable EU and Member States to contribute to integrating Personalised Medicine into clinical practice while enabling much-greater access for patients.

The conference’s main findings will feed into Council Conclusions to be adopted by the 28 health ministers during the Council of Health ministers on 8 December 2015.