p-medicine project successfully concluded

October 08, 2015

p-medicine final review and public session held on Sept. 21-23, 2015

For the last time, the p-medicine consortium came together for their Final Review Meeting on September 21-23, 2015 at Schlossberg-Hotel in Homburg/Saar hosted by the coordinating institution Saarland University with the support of Eurice.

The first day was dedicated to taking final preparations for the assessment of the project by the 4 reviewers and the European Commission’s Project Officer.

The second day started with a “public session”. Representatives from Saarland University, the Saarland government and companies as well as institutions from all around the Saarland were invited to come to this public session where the results of the project were presented to a wider public. A total of around 55 participants heard about p-medicine, especially its results regarding the legal and ethical framework and its efforts in the area of patient empowerment. Ms. Susanne Reichrath from the Saarland government then talked about personalized medicine’s future in the region. Further guest lectures were given by Prof. Sigrun Smola of Saarland University and Prof. Metin Akay (p-medicine External Advisory Board member) and Prof. Yuzuru Tanaka of UHok. The public session closed with an outlook on STaRC, the Study Trial and Research Center to be found by a core team of p-medicine under the lead of Prof. Norbert Graf.

The Final Review Meeting itself took place on two consecutive days following the public session. The meeting started with an overview of the achievements and the general p-medicine architecture and, after updating the reviewers about the latest developments regarding the legal and ethical framework, jumped right into demonstrating the most important “scenarios” in p-medicine. These included the “integrated scenario” showing how all tools are intertwined, as well as scenarios relating to patient empowerment, clinical decision support and the so-called Oncosimulator.

The meeting ended with a very positive assessment by the EC officer and the reviewers regarding the technical implementation of the project. They particularly stressed the excellent leadership of this 19-partner project by p-medicine’s coordinator Prof. Norbert Graf.