Workshop: CRI Solution Days, May 26-27, 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany

March 27, 2014

The two-day workshop with interactive sessions and demonstrations will be held on May 26-27,2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany and is organized by ECRIN together with other EU-funded projects (TRANSFoRm, EHR4CR, p-medicine, BioMedBridges and ECRIN-IA) to bring together experts, users and innovators from the clinical research domain.

The workshop will aim to give interested persons an overview on solutions to improve clinical trials developed by EU funded projects or infrastructures. In interactive sessions, developers will demonstrate their tools. The usability, maturity and benefit for clinical trials will be evaluated and discussed. The targeted audience ranges from software developers to potential users as well as clinical researchers and trial specialists from academia and industry in charge of managing, planning and performing clinical trials.


  • Tools and services for trial data management (CDMS)
  • CDMS for personalised medicine
  • Tools for protocol feasibility and patient identification and recruitment
  • Imaging tools for clinical research
  • Biobanking tools for clinical research
  • Tools for study registration/ access to published trial data
  • Bridges between experimental and clinical research data
  • This workshop is free of charge 

Registration is open until April 30, 2014.
For more information, see the workshop's website.