p-medicine goals

Scenarios and structures that help to run more clinical trials and to bridge the gap between treatment given to patients today and research to find better treatment for patients is of utmost importance. In consequence, the p-medicine project proposes to create an infrastructure that will facilitate the development from current medical practice to personalized medicine. The main drivers for such an infrastructure are clinicians as they have direct contact with the patients and as they are responsible to share data for exploitation. 
To succeed in achieving the goal of personalized medicine p-medicine addresses the following objectives:

  • Creating a collaborative environment facilitating clinically driven multiscale VPH modelling leading to personalized medicine
  • Developing, sharing and running VPH simulations for clinical decision support
  • Building a data warehouse for the secure storage and sharing of heterogeneous data to be used by the scientific community
  • Building a p-medicine workbench as a central access point for tools, models, services workflows and to data resources  
  • Exploiting the potential of high performance computing and cloud storage for the use of VPH models and data services
  • Improvement of semantic interoperability and data integration
  • Increasing the quality of data mining in biomedical research
  • Establishing a service framework for access to biomaterial resources
  • Empowering patients through respective tools, which include them more actively in the health care decision process and in clinical research
  • Linking the p-medicine environment with important European Research infrastructure initiatives
  • Develop training and educational eLearning tools for end-users to foster VPH models for decision support
  • Develop a business plan to maintain and further develop p-medicine into a self-sustaining entity