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Brief description and aims of work

The university of Kiel CAU was formally inaugurated in 1665. Today there are approx. 20,000 people studying in Kiel. The medical faculty is one of eight faculties of the university, and the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UK-SH) one of the five largest hospitals in Germany. The Department of Paediatrics, which includes paediatric haematology/oncology, hosts the trial centre of the German ALL-BFM Study Group and the current office of the International BFM Study group (I-BFM-SG).

The ALL-BFM study group at CAU coordinates multicentre clinical trials on the treatment of paediatric ALL covering roughly 80% of the incident German population. The I-BFM-SG is an informal collaborative international network of clinical trials cooperative groups from more than 30 countries worldwide, more than 20 of them European. ALL-BFM activities cover a broad spectrum from standard clinical trials to basic research. The ALL-BFM study group at CAU has a longstanding experience in the design, conduct and analysis of national and international clinical trials. In addition, specific diagnostics and translational research activities mainly associated with ALL are conducted at CAU.

The ALL-BFM team at CAU is part of the German National Genome Research Net (NGFN), where it uses genome-wide approaches for an improved molecular characterisation of ALL.

In the European FP7 NoE ENCCA (European Network for Cancer research in Children and Adolescents) which aims at structuring clinical research in paediatric oncology in Europe, CAU leads the work on novel comprehensive diagnostic approaches in leukemias.

The CAU will contribute to the validation of the VPH modelling in two scenarios of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. These scenarios are particularly suited as clinical and genomic data in these diseases have reached a high level of complexity. 

WP9 Subtask leader (9.2.6)

Note: When Prof. Martin Stanulla accepted the position as professor at Medicial School Hannover, he took the project with him and CAU left the consortium effective August 31, 2013.

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