Brief description and aims of work

Custodix is a private limited company established in 2000 specialized in data protection solutions for eHealth. Today Custodix is recognized as one of the most advanced and reliable Trusted Service Providers (TSPs) in the Healthcare sector providing technical privacy protection solutions. Its data protection services are supported by a combination of high-level technical and legal expertise in privacy protection and e-security and a sound experience with a number of advanced e-security solutions such as de-identification, Identity Management, Pseudonym Management, PKI, Web Services security frameworks, time-stamping and more.

Custodix helps businesses deal with all security and privacy related aspects of modern data management (cf. European Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, 2001/20/EC, 2005/28/EC, the WHO GCP, etc.) by offering end-to-end solutions for data protection in e-Clinical Trials, disease management and other longitudinal studies. Custodix has an international customer-base, deploying services in Europe, Asia and Australia. Customers are both commercial companies and governmental research organizations.

The main role of Custodix is to design and implement data protection solutions which ensure legally compliant data handling within p-medicine.

Team members

Brecht Claerhout Email
Team Leader

Fon +32 9 210 78 90
Fax +32 9 211 09 99


9830 Sint-Martens-Latem/Belgium