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Brief description and aims of work

The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) is an Academic Research Body affiliated to the National Technical University of Athens and in particular to the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

The In Silico Oncology Group (ISOG) is a leading research entity in the field of multiscale cancer modelling and the emerging discipline of in silico oncology. A number of novel, primary 'top-down' clinically-driven simulation models have been developed, tested and disseminated by the Group. ISOG has founded the workshop series 'International Advanced Research Workshops on In Silico Oncology'. It also leads several actions related to in silico oncology in the EC funded IP project ACGT (Advancing Clinicogenomic Trials on Cancer), the EC funded STREP project ContraCancrum and the EC funded EU-US project TUMOR.

The main role of ICCS is to lead the development of the p-medicine integrated multiscale Oncosimulator. The latter is a a complex mathematical model and software system able to simulate the response of particular clinical tumour types to several treatment schemes and/or schedules in the patient individualized context. In parallel ICCS is leading the development of a number of mutually compatible detailed models of specific tumour biomechanisms aiming at enhancing our understanding of the natural phenomenon of cancer. The ultimate target of both actions is to optimize individualized cancer treatment. The model development will comply with the VPH toolkit directives so that the modules to be developed will satisfy major VPH compatibility requirements. Clinical adaptation and validation of the Oncosimulator has been planned in order to enable its eventual clinical translation.

Team members

Dr. Georgios Stamatakos Email
WP12 Leader

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Dr. Dimitra Dionysiou Email
WP12 Deputy leader

Fon +30 210 772 2287
Fax +30 210 772 3557

Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS)

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