Brief description and aims of work

Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf (UDUS), which is represented by the Coordination Centre for Clinical Trials (KKS) at the Medical Faculty, acts on behalf of ECRIN (European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network). The KKS offers support in all aspects of clinical trials considering all scientific criteria, Good Clinical Practice (GCP), training and all valid legislation and guidelines. In addition to ECRIN, the KKS was involved as coordinator (EUROAAP, Concerted Action) or as project partner (ELCANO, TELEGASTRO, SMARTIE, LIQUID, INFOBIOMED, Transform, EHR4CR) in several EU-funded projects. The KKS has extensive experience in the evaluation, installation, hosting and validation of clinical study software and collaborates with the Telematics Platform of Medical Research Networks (TMF e.V.) to establish standard based integrated software support for clinical and biomedical research.

ECRIN focuses on the connection of European national networks of clinical research centres and clinical trials units (funded by EU FP7). ECRIN aims at developing a sustainable infrastructure able to support the set-up, conduct, and analysis of multinational trials in Europe. A transnational team is involved on a full-time basis in multinational activities (EU coordination, European Correspondent, national hubs). ECRIN provides integrated support to multinational clinical research projects through information and consultancy and a set of flexible services during the conduct of the project.

User needs and clinical research use case specification. Study management, ethics and regulatory framework. Training and dissemination. Employmentand exploitation of p-medicine tools, validation and user evaluation.

WP6 Leader

Team members

Prof. Dr. Christian Ohmann
Work Package Leader

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Dr. Wolfgang Kuchinke
Team Leader

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Töresin Karakoyun

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Coordination Centre for Clinical Trials (KKS)

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