Work package 14: Collaborative Environment for Patient Empowerment tools

Brief description and aims of work

This work package deals with the development of the Interactive Empowerment Service (IEmS). Our aim in providing IEmS is twofold:

  • Help the patient to understand her/his medical documentation.
  • Empower the patient to make informed choices.

In order to achieve this objective the following steps need to be taken:

  • To analyse the p-medicine scenarios and identify use cases for IEmS
  • To develop and to test an interactive tool to support patients’ empowerment

In line with the aim to develop a personalized medicine, the empowerment tool will aim at enabling the patients understanding of the whole data set that the hospital has collected. This process implies that patients are able to understand medical statements, as well as legal and ethical considerations. Thus, the empowerment tool must not only represent data in a convenient format, but data must also be translated into language that is understandable to the patient. Of course, this does not only entail the wording of the information, but we need to come up with ways to organize the data in a manner that makes it easier to decide for the patient what is of interest to him/her at the moment. This statement is consistent with a second goal of an empowerment tool: to give a patient a chance to make an informed choice. In order to build IEmS we make use of the patient view developed in Task 4.4: Developing and testing patient views to represent data to the patient in an understandable way. Task 14.2 will provide the necessary linguistic analysis to develop the Patient View.

Work package leader

Gordon McVie Email

c/o Bruno Wanner Management
Gotthardstrasse 20
6300 Zug/Switzerland