Work package 17: Exploitation and dissemination

Brief description and aims of work

A great emphasis is laid on the dissemination of project results and interaction with other subject-related projects in p-medicine. WP17 is dedicated to all activities that come up in this respect an mainly aims:

  • to coordinate the exploitation and dissemination of this project’s objectives, approaches and results to target groups, new users and communities.
  • to exchange information and establish relationships with current projects and networks
  • to promote the use of tools and methods created by p-medicine through workshops (in close cooperation with WP16) , conferences and publications.

The public website will serve as major dissemination and information tool for the public, for scientists, researchers, clinicians and patients.

Work package leader

Corinna Hahn Email

European Research and Project Office GmbH
Science Park 1
66123 Saarbrücken/Germany