Work package 6: Integration in clinical research infrastructures

Brief description and aims of work

Based on task 2.3 of WP 2 describing requirements and specifications for the collaboration of the p-medicine environment with other research infrastructure initiatives the WP has the following objectives:

  • Effective and interoperable integration of p-medicine tools in an international clinical trials infrastructure
  • Evaluation of the usability and effectiveness of p-medicine tools used in a real clinical trial as part of the ECRIN
    clinical trial infrastructure.

A survey conducted within ECRIN (European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network ) showed that nearly 80% of the institutions from the different national networks within ECRIN use a clinical data management system (CDMS) routinely, and 82 % of the centres are able to provide infrastructure and resources to support multinational trials. ECRIN presently is establishing certified data centres for clinical trial data management based on defined criteria.

Work package leader

Prof. Dr. Christian Ohmann Email

Coordination Centre for Clinical Trials (KKS)
Universitätsstraße 1
40225 Düsseldorf