Work package 8: p-medicine workbench

Brief description and aims of work

WP8 will create a ‘workbench’ environment for the development and handling of p-medicine research tools as well as their integration within clinically significant workflow integration services that will allow complicated cancer modeling procedures to be used with ease by the clinical end-users.

It will be concerned with the necessary pseudo-anonymisation, pre-processing and VPH cancer modelling tools for nephroblastoma and breast cancer applications, with tool identification services for VPH studies, workflow integration and clinical trial management tools and services for interacting with the clinical patient record.

To achieve its goals, appropriate tool annotations and metadata are of paramount importance, so that end users can easily retrieve them, while available VPH standards will be adopted allowing other open source tools to be easily integrated and re-used in the tools repository. Strong emphasis will be given in interacting with the VPH NoE toolkit in the sense that the WP will utilize available tools but also publish ‘developed’ tools in the toolkit in order to be used by the wider VPH community.

An initial design for WP8 workbench is illustrated in the following schema:

Work package leader

Kostas Marias Email

Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
N Plastira Street 15
70013 Heraklion/Greece