p-medicine portal

The p-medicine portal provides a platform to clinicians, patients and researchers to collaborate, share data and expertise, and use tools and services to improve the personalized treatment of patients. The technical solution for the p-medicine portal is based on the Liferay Enterprise Portal Framework which fulfils the complex user requirements for the p-medicine Portal.

The portal allows portal administrators to build web pages without coding by reusing existing “portlets”, which are pluggable user interface components that are managed and displayed in a web portal.


ObTiMA is an ontology-based clinical trial management system to help clinicians in designing and conducting clinical trials. In the design phase, the system allows to visually create the trial's master protocol, treatment plans and case report forms for collecting all patient-related data. In the conducting phase, data collection is supported through an easy-to-use entry interface with on-the-fly data validation, pseudonymization and encryption allowing the secure storage of such data. It is also possible to extend ObTiMA's functionality with additional modules, e.g. to provide access to biobanks or to upload digital medical images.


The Oncosimulator is at the same time a concept of multiscale integrative cancer biology, a complex algorithmic construct, a biomedical engineering system and eventually in the future a clinical tool which primarily aims at supporting the clinician in the process of optimizing cancer treatment in the patient individualized context through conducting experiments in silico i.e. on the computer. Additionally, it is a platform for simulating, investigating better understanding and exploring the natural phenomenon of cancer, supporting the design and interpretation of clinicogenomic trials and finally training doctors, researchers and interested patients alike.

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Biobank Access

A Biobank Access Framework called p-BioSPRE has been developed within the p-medicine platform to enable and simplify access to existing biobanks but also to offer own biomaterial collections to research communities and manage biobank specimens over the ObTiMA Trial Biomaterial Manager.

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p-medicine Workbench

The p-medicine Workbench is the end-user application that provides access to various p-medicine tools. It is basically an “application store” where different applications, tools, and services are categorized and indexed accompanied with information about their functionality, operation, development status, accessibility, etc. Even though the primary users of this application are the clinicians, it might be useful to other user groups as well.

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Dr Eye

Dr Eye is a clinically driven multimodal imaging platform that enables temporal multimodal image analysis, and can be easily extended though plugins.

Trial Outline Builder

The Trial Outline Builder, or TOB for short, is a graphical tool to support clinicians when running clinical trials. It supports all phases of a trial: designing the trial, data collection when running the trial, and data visualization of the data collected in a trial.

Correlation Viewer

Correlation Viewer (CV) is a tool which helps to visually explore associations between drugs, adverse events, diseases and pathways with the aim of promoting the generation of novel hypotheses.

Concept Explorer

Concept Explorer (CE) helps design and fine-tune clinical trials by uncovering correlations between drugs, side effects, targets, biomarkers and other relevant parameters.

e-learning Modules

Educational modules are available for some of the tools incorporated in the p-medicine architecture.

These include: ALGA-C Questionnaire, ALGA-C Profiler, Ontology Annotator, Workbench Tools and Custodix Anonymisation Tool.