Dr Eye Features

  • Powerful DICOM Viewer and Editor.
  • Simultaneous editing of multiple, multimodal patient studies (sessions) using tabbed windows.
  • Image viewing manipulation, adjustments and measurement tools.
    • Slide browsing (thumbnail display)
    • Specific slides’ selection
    • Width & level adjustment
    • Magnification capabilities
    • Measurements
      • Pixel intensity, histogram
      • Tools for length, area & volume of annotations
  • Support for (other than DICOM) meta-image (raw+mhd) format
  • Capable of exporting image or annotation information in various file formats as jpg, bmp, png, tiff, xml, txt etc.
  • Friendly user interface based on the Ribbon control of Microsoft® Office. The familiar environment of the application helps to increase the productivity of the users.

Advanced Visualization

  • 3D visualization of the dataset slices & segmented volume rendering.
  • Color mapping/ opacity setting options.

Comprehensive Segmentation Tools

  •  Intuitive segmentation tools inspired from leading image editing applications.
    • Basic segmentation tools
      Pencil, Eraser, Rectangular Marquee,  Elliptical Marquee, Invert Selection
    • Advanced segmentation tools
      Magic Wand, Active Contours

Quantitative Segmentation Evaluation

  • Comparison metrics and statistics applied on selected annotations to support intra/inter observer variability studies & segmentation validation vs. those made by expert radiologists (ground truth).
  • Estimation of the volume of the segmented objects.
  • Support for editing operations in batch mode for all annotations.


  • Powerful plugin mechanism allows third-party developers to create and implement their algorithms to the platform.

Available Plugins

  • Tumor growth simulator based on finite-differences approximation of the diffusion-reaction equation.
  • Resampling module
  • 3D registration module

Platform Specifications

  • Based on Microsoft® .NET technology (.NET framework 3.5)
  • Supports all DICOM compliant modalities (CT, MR, NM, US, XA, CR etc.)
  • Multiple user account support (User Login - Authentication)
  • Customizable/accessible interface (support of high contrast themes)

Official website of Dr Eye: http://biomodeling.ics.forth.gr/?page_id=8