General Public

Scientific findings on the cause, diagnosis, therapy and prevention of diseases like cancer are rapidly increasing these days. New insights arising from basic research – especially molecular biology and genetics – and clinical trials combined with the advances in information technology provide the medical and scientific community with the opportunity to merge clinical data with biomolecular findings and imaging studies of individual patients in a secure way.

p-medicine unifies European experts in different fields (clinicians, biologists, IT-specialists, ethical and legal experts) dedicated to develop and exploit structures and tools that help to run more clinical trials and to support translational research in all aspects. This new approach will fundamentally broaden our understanding of disease and therapies and will enable a new generation of clinical studies resulting in improved prognosis of patients by individualizing treatment and going a step further towards personalized medicine.

Why is p-medicine interesting for the general public? p-medicine aims to…

  • Promote the vision of personalized medicine
  • Inform the public on advancements in individualised therapy

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