Medical Professionals

Scientific findings arising from post-genomic research and combined genetic and clinical trials are rapidly increasing these days. These new insights combined with the advances in information technology provide the medical and scientific community with the opportunity to merge heterogeneous data of individual patients. The gap between basic research and clinical practice caused by the enormous amount of results generated in science and the advances from high performance computing has widened so fast that the majority of physicians are unaware of the possibilities of what modern IT technology can provide.

p-medicine unifies European experts of different fields (clinicians, biologists, IT-specialists, ethical and legal experts) dedicated to develop and exploit structures and tools that help to run more clinical trials and to support translational research in all aspects. This new approach will fundamentally broaden our understanding of disease and therapies and will enable a new generation of clinical studies resulting in improved prognosis of patients by individualizing treatment and going a step further towards personalized medicine.

There will be three types of cancer enrolled in p-medicine for which clinical trials will address different aspects of the project.

  • A Wilms tumour trial will be used to employ the newly developed and validated tools of p-medicine.
  • Breast cancer trials will be used for the validation of decision making tools and data acquisition, through sharing, merging and analysing. Breast cancer neoadjuvant pharmacodynamic phase II trials will be used to extend VPH tools.
  • A leukaemia trial will be used to develop and run a VPH model predicting minimal residual disease and recurrence in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

All these trials are not an integral part of p-medicine and do not run under the umbrella of this project. They are solely used to provide data and to apply, evaluate and validate software and tools within the p-medicine environment.

Why is p-medicine interesting for medical professionals? p-medicine aims to…

  • Develop and provide IT-tools and software for clinical trials
  • Advance clinico-genomic trials
  • Facilitate international harmonization
  • Facilitate the transfer of findings in basic research to clinical application
  • Develop training and educational e-Learning tools for end-users to foster VPH models for decision support
  • Build a collaborative environment for patient empowerment to include patients into the healthcare process

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