Brief description and aims of work

ecancer is a non-profit organisation which aims to improve communications between sub-specialised cancer scientists and clinicians using web technologies. ecancer actively encourages the communities of sub-specialised scientists and cancer carers to exchange ideas and research, speeding up the time it takes from discovery, to patient benefit.

ecancer manages the free, online open-access peer-reviewed cancer journal ecancermedicalscience, publishing original science articles (including video clips), reporting on cancer news and webcasting cancer conferences. ecancer is embracing web technologies to help create a virtual social network of oncology professionals and provide an online community for those involved in all fields of cancer research and treatment. The journal is published by Cancer Intelligence Ltd in Bristol and is editorially independent of the European Institute of Oncology and ECCO.

The main role of ecancer is in the training and education of all of the p-medicine stakeholders.  ecancer will run training events and develop web learning tools that will be hosted in an open access environment. This training and education is vital in ensuring that the tools developed by p-medicine are trusted and used by cancer professionals and patients to deliver maximum benefit.

WP14 and WP16 leader

Team members

Gordon McVie
WP Leader 14 & 16

Fon +44 7785 325 558
Fax +44 117 909 4630

Danny Burke
WP16 Deputy Leader

Fon +44 117 909 4899
Fax +44 117 909 4630

Rosalind Gleave
Deputy WP14/16 leader

Fon +44 117 909 4608
Fax +44 117 909 4630

Gabriella Pravettoni
WP14 Deputy Leader

Fax +44 117 909 4630

c/o Bruno Wanner Management
Gotthardstrasse 20
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