European Research and Project Office GmbH

Brief description and aims of work

Eurice is a spin-off company of Saarland University, founded in 2000 in order to assist and consult scientists, researchers and innovative companies in the area of EU research, project management and dissemination of project outcomes. Today, Eurice represents the largest EU project management office in Germany with a team of about 30 experts with different scientific and non-scientific backgrounds such as law, medicine, biology, chemistry, communications, information sciences or computer sciences.

Eurice has been involved in EU Framework Programmes since FP4 and has been in charge of more than 75 EU-funded projects, both as a management and dissemination partner. Within FP7 Eurice has managed several ICT projects, including collaborative projects such as K4Care, DEXMART and PREDATOR.

As project management office, Eurice will assist the coordinator in administrative, financial, formal and organisational matters, including conflict and intercultural management. In addition, Eurice in charge of important tasks regarding dissemination and exploitation of the project’s research results.

WP1 and WP17 Leader

Team members

Corinna Hahn
WP Leader

Fon +49 681 9592-3362
Fax +49 681 9592-3370


Janine Jost
Team Leader

Fon +49 681 9592-3357
Fax +49 681 9592-3370


European Research and Project Office GmbH
Science Park 1
Stuhlsatzenhausweg 69
66123 Saarbrücken/Germany